Ombu is a boutique consulting company dedicated to creating impact

We leverage the salesforce platform along with specific User Centered Design approaches to create new digital experiences.

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Crafting Digital Experiences

Leverage digital tools and business process engineering, we focus on adding value with immediate affect.
Our Consultancy

We can help you identify your goals, develop a plan, and take the right for your business.

We leverage user centered design techniques to work with your stakeholders in order to map out business processes to enhance your systems or crucial business processes.

Our Approach

We focus on providing simple solutions to complex problems.

Data Restructuring

We leverage the Salesforce platform to build custom data solutions including integrations, custom applications, or a simple quick start when migrating to the platform.

Results Oriented Project Management

Close project tracking working with several types of stakeholders to manage expectations and get results.

Technical Analysis & Design

We leverage the Salesforce platform to build custom solutions to help out clients generate more leads and drive more data-driven results.

mHealth Development

We've worked with some of the largest agencies in the world and smallest startups to build custom mHealth solutions focusing on a bottom-up approach.

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We are passionate in finding solutions with our clients

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We've worked on hundreds of projects ranging from Europe to the States, SE Asia, and Africa. We focus on close collaboration with clients building solutions from the bottom up.

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Some stories from the field

While working with the WHO, we mapped out 26 projects and their business model at how to become more financially sustainable.   Extending on that, we

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We worked with Lumni, a NGO based out of Colombia, who provides innovative financing to at-risk youth in Colombia who have no access to capital. Our p

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We recently integrated to Salesforce through a custom coded approach DocuSign for a client.  The request was to be able to send via mail a button cli

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